A golf ball is a special ball designed to be used in the game of golf since the 14th century. Ever since that time, a lot of manufacturers have successfully designed different types of golf balls.

Golf Ball

Most of the professional golfers know that finding the right ball can change their game and can take their game into a new level. It is important that one should know the different brands and the basic component or how the balls were made to make sure that the right one is picked.

This article will cover some golf ball brands that have been produced over the years by different companies. While numerous companies have already closed or shut down their businesses, some are still operational up to today.

Listed below are some of the known brands and are widely used by some of the professional golfers:

Callaway BallGolf balls from this company are among the most used by professional golfers. It is because of their optimized aerodynamics. This allows the ball to go for specific miles per hour and over the swing speeds of a specific golfer.


It is the brand used by one of the most famous golfers, Tiger Woods. Right now, the company is working on a new ball that is supposed to beat the sales of a competitor brand known as Titleist. The ball that they are trying to perfect will most likely have a small core. By trying to make the core more lightweight, the stuff surrounding the core will become heavier. This can support better distance and stability.


They are widely known to have produced the Srixon Tour Yellow Golf Balls. Yellow is considered to be the most visible out of the many colors in a visual scale. Many psychologists have also associated green with stress relief and calming effects. There are studies that show that Srixon mixed the two colors (green and yellow) based upon the findings of psychologists. This is done to easily tap into the minds of players while also increasing the benefits provided by playing the sport using a good and high quality ball.


Titleist BallMost people that have used this brand have mentioned that it is the best ball they have played with. Most have mentioned that it is due to the consistent flight the golf balls are designed to have. While researching as to why they are the number one company as of this year, it was detected that they have perfected one of the most important factors in playing golf. This is having full control of the ball on the green. The balls are built to last but feel so soft when you hit them. Most golfers have mentioned in their blogs that it is the best ball brand to date and their favorite!


They are known to produce high-quality balls that are available in different colors such as orange, pink, green and yellow. One of the many things that they have achieved is combine a solid inner core which is enclosed in a soft casing. This case offers optimal spin separation ability while also optimizing the balance between control and distance. This combination have attracted a lot of golfers to try the products out.


Wilson has been at the forefront of golf innovation for more than 80 years. They are very proud of their Wilson Staff golf balls claiming that it is the softest ball in the market at present while also having a great distance.

Wilson BallThese are some of the most known golf ball brands that are currently out in the market. As most people know, the golf ball is the sole equipment used by a player in each hole. Because of this, you need to buy one which meets the standards of professional golfers. There are a lot of good brands out there and all a golfer has to do is to at least try them so he can pick the best choice.

The golf ball market is a tough and competitive arena. For every manufacturer, it’s the performance of each golf ball they produce that is leading their way to success.

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