Tango in Orange is the best Argentine Tango dance studio in Orange County, California. We teach different Argentine Tango styles such as Tango de Salon, Villa Urquiza, Tango Escenario, Club-style Tango, Nuevo Tango, Canyengue, Liquid Tango, Nuevo Milonguero, and Fanstasia. Each class is designed to fit your unique needs and skill set.

We have the best teachers and staff who put client satisfaction first. Many of our clients keep coming back because:

  1. We help our clients reach their goals. We work closely with you to achieve your individual goal -whether you are trying to lose weight, looking for something fun to do, or you want to master the Argentine Tango.
  2. We treat our clients as our friends. We build a relationship with them on or off the dance floor. We build a tight community of people who are extremely interested in Argentine Tango.
  3. We have a team of Argentine Tango experts who will teach you both basic and advanced tango techniques.
  4. Our studio is safe and has a warm ambience that is suitable for dancing.
  5. We have an affordable package so you won’t have to break a bank to get high quality and professional dance lessons.
  6. We have amazing costumes that our students can use so you’ll feel like a professional Argentinian dancer.
  7. Our teachers had extensive training. They are professional Tango dancers and they are certified.
Here are some of the top reviews from our clients:

“I love this class, it is pretty amazing. The teacher has great technique that tones your muscles and your body. I am dancing to lose weight and it looks like I found the perfect class for me. I am starting to lose weight and my dancing skill is really improving.”

– Kaye

“I wanted to learn how to do the tango for a long time now and I am glad that I stumbled upon this studio. This dance studio is one of the best in California. It has great ambience. It is well-lighted and their employees are very friendly, too. The instructors have amazing technique and they’re very patient.especially for those who have limited dance skills.”

– Maniya

“The studio is spacious and it is perfect for tango. The classes are super fun too. Argentine Tango is a challenging dance and it’s pretty hard to learn it. But, the teachers are really patient. They teach the techniques step by step so it is easy for the students to catch up.”


“When I’m dancing in this studio, it feels like I am in Argentina. It is really amazing.”

– Sara

“This place is awesome. I have learned advanced tango techniques. The teachers are really skilled and friendly. I can’t get enough of the classes.”

– Joan

“My wedding is in a few months and my fiancé  and I want us to dance tango on our wedding reception. So, we came to this studio and it’s pretty awesome. We learned different techniques and the teacher is very patient with us. She picked the right dance for our wedding and she explains the steps thoroughly. I am so happy that we went to Tango in Orange. It was really worth it.”

– Mikaela

“I always wanted to learn the tango, but I can’t dance. I do not have any skill at all. I cannot follow a beat and my dancing is really terrible, so I came to this studio. What’s great about this studio is that you’ll feel comfortable no matter what your skill level is. The classes are fun and really amazing”.

– Linda

“Orange in Tango offers professional tango classes that will help you enhance your skills. I’ve been dancing since I was a child and I have to say, this studio is pretty special. The choreography is impeccable.”

– Ling

“I took a one hour class and it is really worth it. If I have free time later on, I will definitely come back.”

– Kelly

“I really enjoyed the classes. I’m going to bring my husband on my next class!”

– Amy

“This studio is really spacious so it’s perfect for tango. The floor is shiny and smooth. It is easy to spin, dance, and moving around. There’s a lot of room so you don’t bump with anyone. It’s really awesome!”


“This is, hands down, the best dance studio in Orange Country. It is a great place to practice for school dance presentations, weddings, and parties. The teachers are very friendly. This is a great place to socialize and meet new friends, too.”


“I absolutely love the classes. The teacher is super nice and it is amazing.”

– May

“The dance floor is great. I also like their choice of music.”

– Sharon

“The place is really amazing and this is my first time to take a professional dance class. The floor is clean and well-maintained. The sound system is also fantastic.”

– Scott

“I am a competitive dancer, but I really have to say that this is this studio offers the best Argentine tango in Orange County. They are very considerate to beginners, but they also have special classes for professional dancers like me.”

– Jamie

“The price is reasonable. They don’t rip you off and you’ll really get a good value for your money. The classes are fun and exciting, too.”

– Michelle

“I really enjoyed my Argentine tango class her. The choreography is hot. The location is ideal also.”

– Geri

“This is an awesome studio, it is recommended.”

– Ross

“Their instructors are nice and accommodating. They are incredibly personable. I went to the studio to learn a dance for my wedding, but now that the wedding’s done, I want to go back just for fun”.

– Jana

Client satisfaction is our top priority. We want our clients to have an awesome and memorable experience.